Custom Butcher & Smokehouse

208 W 41st
Garden City, ID 83714

Phone: (208) 343-7565


Hours of Operation

Monday to Friday
8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Saturday to Sunday

Services We Offer:

  • Custom Curing & Smoking
  • Custom Meat Processing
    of Domestic and Wild
    Game Animals
  • Custom Sausage Making
  • Freezer Locker Rentals
  • Mobile Butchering

Need Excellent Butchers?

Interested in sausage making services or freezer lockers in Garden City, ID? Send a question to our team at Custom Butcher & Smokehouse today. You can reach our veteran meat butchers through the contact form below for any meat-related inquiries. They will get back to you as soon as possible.

2016 Wild Game Processing Prices

(all prices are per pound unless otherwise stated)
2.00 Per Animal Waste Disposal Charge
.70 Standard Cut & Wrap ($70.00 Minimum)
.50 Debone Only (i.e. For Sausages)
.40 Grind Only ($5.00 Minimum)
.50 Grind and Wrap ($10.00 Minimum)
9.50/roll Cheddar & Jalapeno Summer Sausage ****NEW****
3.00 Bratwurst (50% gain)
3.00 Italian Links (50% gain)
3.00 Polish (50% gain)
3.00 German (50% gain)
3.75 Cheesy German (50% gain)
3.00 Weiners (50% gain)
3.50 Jalapeno Weiners (50% gain)
6.50/roll Salami (50% gain)
3.50 Pepperoni Sticks (even trade)
3.50 Snack Sticks (even trade)
5.50 Jerky (3 to 1 shrink)
1.50 Fresh Breakfast (25% gain)
1.50 Fresh Italian (25% gain)
4.00 Hand-Cut Jerky (priced on green weight)
** We will process custom batches of just your meat. An additional .50/lb will be added. 40 pounds is the minimum amount per item. Sorry, NO custom batches on pressed jerky, weiners, or jalapeno weiners. Gain and shrink will be different on custom batches. **
$40.00 Skinning Deer
$50.00 Skinning Elk
$5.00/day Deer Storage
$10.00/day Elk Storage
1.50 Smoking Fish, Game Birds (Whole or Parts)
.75 Smoking Turkeys ($15.00 Minimum Charge)
($5.00 Minimum on All Smoked Orders)
We reserve the right to refuse any filthy and/or neglected meat.
Charges of up to $50.00 may be added for extra cleaning of meat.

Domestic Processing

Cutting & Wrapping .50/lb
Curing & Smoking .50/lb
If you are interested in additional services on domestic animals, please inquire about pricing.

Call Our Excellent Butchers

If you are looking for a dependable way to process your meats, we are the company to call. Our meat butchers are ready to provide expert solutions to any meat processing problems that come our way. Get our services today by dialing (208) 343-7565.